Website redesign for the professional services sector

I’d like your quote to have my website re-designed. It will be a website redesign for the professional services sector and the design must align to modern requirements of responsive websites, i.e. auto adjust to different device types & screen sizes. The four services presented on the current site need to be presented better to grab attention and emphasise their respective content. Perhaps something like a card of some shape with key data points captured, i.e. name of the service, service objective and the fee structure. Delivery is expected in Figma.

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Website redesign for the professional services sector.

Sounds good so far – can I ask why you want it delivered in Figma? It’s just as easy – and far more sensible – to deliver it in as a live website. This can be done on my server hidden from the public, where progress can be checked, amends made and then migrated to your server for publication.

But either way, it would be great to get some visual clues from you – links maybe to websites that you have seen and liked. Styles, colours, fonts and designs that you would like to see. There are lots of creative directions to take, and images are worth a thousand words.

Here are some nice examples to kick things off with: GeneratePress examples

This one has an example of the pricing cards

Your budget of £500 is great for much more than a visual design. It’s good for the delivery of the website; well-coded with great SEO, working forms and the many other elements that make up a professional website.

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