Website and branding for a bespoke furniture company

I need a website for a new business and would like (ideally) the same person to also assist with branding/logos etc.

The business designs, builds and installs bespoke fitted furniture in Hertfordshire and North London.

Key requirements:
• The website needs to look professional – i.e. not like it was done by me as a good first effort!
• The platform (WordPress, Wix etc) will be at your advice.
• I don’t need much functionality – i.e. no payments or client area initially.
• I’d want to be able to take it over reasonably easily and add/amend content as required.
• I have written most of the text and the photos are prepared, but;
• I need a logo as well as general branding and;
• I need the structure to be built and the presentation to be professional and flexible.
• This is a local company so will need to show up only when people search locally;
• Assistance/advice with this setup and general marketing is also required.
• The company name I’m proposing (Elemental Interiors) is not unique but is in the UK;
• I’d like advice on the impact of this from a search perspective
• I’ll need a new domain and email.
• And advice on anything I’ve not thought of…

Ideal provider:
• This is more a branding/marketing exercise than a technical one but both skills are required.
• You don’t have to be local but ideally should have an understanding of my target market.
• Work on similar projects would be a great advantage.

I expect this will be 3 to 5 days work initially but I’m happy to be advised.

How Cleverbread can help you

Website and branding for a bespoke furniture company

Sounds like basically the whole caboodle then!

Lots of stuff to do, but I’ll keep it simple.

We can say that there are three parts to this job:

  1. Setting everything up and building the website.
  2. Branding, designing and styling.
  3. Configuring SEO and marketing the business.

Setting Everything Up

 A domain, hosting, email, etc – these services come to around £100 a year typically. For a simple website, it doesn’t take more than a few hours to get everything up and running once the domain and host are ready.

Branding and Design

Be great to get some input from you about the kind of style you’d like and the image you want to portray out there. Googling “bespoke fitted furniture UK” returns a bunch of very similar website styles, elegant, simple, light colours…

Logos these days can be the business name in a unique font, but we can think about colours too. Would be great to see what text and images you have because for websites, the design often follows the message and media.

SEO and Marketing

Marketing your business using a Google account would be a great start – we can get you onto Google Maps and Google Business. We might also have to revisit some of the text on the website to better the chance of appearing on the right searches.

All in all, 3 days minimum worth of work spread over a week I would say.

Let’s start!

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