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I need a charity website redesign. We are looking to redesign our current charity website to give it a more modern, streamlined, fresh look as it was designed 4 years ago.

  • The layout (menus, tabs etc) to pretty much stay the same. We’re going to be updating some of the actual content (text and photos) but that will all be provided beforehand.
  • As we accept donations through the website, the website needs to be secure (as it currently is) but we seem to be collecting information using a plugin called JotForm that is costly and we’re looking for an alternative option.
  • We cannot amend the footer with the current theme and it isn’t easy to amend text etc, so we’d like a different theme that allows for basic content changes to be made without having to resort to hiring someone to make them.
  • We’d like to introduce some video onto the site but it seems to be running a little slowly at the moment and we’d prefer for that to be addressed first.
I Need A Charity Website Redesign

We Can Help You With A Charity Website Redesign!

Great project – should be pretty straight-forward, as you have plenty of content and a clear purpose. The most important thing at the moment is to look for some designs – have you seen any particular style or website you like? Settling on the design itself is the most time-consuming part!

You certainly don’t be needing any expensive plugins – and, of course, any theme I use will have plenty of options to change and update stuff. It’s an important part of my work to make sure the client feels they are in control.

One point – your website isn’t actually very secure at the moment – you’re missing the padlock sign with https:// !

Anyhow, feel free to discuss!

Can you list a few past projects that are very similar to this project?

In terms of design? Until I know what kind of designs you like, that’s tricky. But here is an draft example of a charity design I have delivered: http://fairtrade-everything.pash.space/

Can you think of alternatives to collecting sensitive information such as payments etc on the website that do not cost as much as Jotform?

If you are taking donations, names, emails – you don’t really need to use any paid-for plugin at all. Exactly what the alternative is depends on a few issues – such as whether paypal is ok to use, or whether you want to set up subscription services or even sell services.

Anyhow, feel free to discuss!

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