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Need Website Redesigned and Revamped

I currently have a website for psychic readings by phone, text and email. The site at the moment is not personal enough for me and I am looking to go through a revamp.

It’s important that any new theme has the following features, these can be taken over from the old theme:
*Horoscope feature – this will need editing to match theme
*Live reader feed
*Phone, Email, Text pages with content
*Booking form – this will need editing to match theme

on the home page I would specifically like the following; as you can see in example one
1. fixed header image
2. about section with photos
3. horoscope feature / blog posts
4. call / text/ email option
5. instagram posts (box style) with slider feature

I currently have my website with wordpress and would ideally like to reinstall new theme to replace current. I have done some browsing and have found a few themes that I really like.


We Can Help You With That!

Great brief and really clear pointers to the main issue: what the website should look like! Looking at your present site with fresh eyes, it’s a great site, with all the right elements – but I can see from the templates you like how you want to get the design to the next level!

We can definitely approximate the styles that you’ve suggested. The important thing is to start thinking about where your content will fit in – style and layout dictates the content and message that people first see and scroll down to.

The theme I am using these days is a pro-theme: with all pro-themes, it’s a mistake not to pay yearly so that you can get their updates. WordPress – and the web – is always updating. Currently they are about £20 per year and I’d set the account in your name.

Let’s get started!
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