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We are looking to create website platform where we hold a profile of all property companies in a particular region, and these can be searched on our website for free. Also, the property companies that we hold their profiles in that region can list void properties on the website based on subscription levels. Any property listed should be connected to the company’s profile.
We have 2 premium theme for this project and we will be prepared to go with the one that best suits the job although one has already been installed.

We Can Help You With That!

You want a professional property search kind of website with the ability to take money from advertisers who would use it. with everything marked up for good SEO and it would be good to look over the themes that you have. Also, very important, is if you can provide links to similar website – both in the way that they work and what they do – and sites that have a design or style that you like.
Feel free to discuss! My proposal is based on a full week’s work.

Don’t you feel like there may be need for heavy code editing on the premium themes which may affect the site during an update?

Using A Child When Customizing Premium Themes

Well, this is the important issue. Any customization on WP Rentals will be done via a child theme so those changes will survive updating. But,in general, we need to be sure the whole framework is as simple as can be, because updates in genera cause conflicts, more of them when the website is too complicated. This will be one of the ways I assess the WP Rentals theme. In general, paid for themes like this can be disappointing because after a couple of years, they are not updating them as they should be.

How would you like us to start this, and when? Also, what is the cost?

The First Steps To A New Website

Normally, you accept my proposal and we get started. – That proposal is just based on 6 full days worth of work – I imagine it would be spread over two or three weeks to be realistic – so my basic rate is around £12 per hour.
To get started, you will give me all the logins and I will check everything is good, that i have FTP access and so on. Hopefully, you’ll give me a few more ideas about the look and style of the website – which i will use as I build the basic framework to test all the functional elements. Hopefully, you have some dummy data to go, too – a few properties and a few fake user details.
Let’s get started!

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