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Need A Website AuditI have a basic WordPress site already built (It is a wedding industry focused buy and sell website but with new, used and rentable items listed). It has lots of additional plugins such as:

• WooCommerce, • Yoast, • All in one SEO, • Jetpack, • Instagram Feed, • Mailchimp, • Smush, • Zass Plugin, And a few more….

I want someone to go through the site and show me where it could be developed, where faults lie and what could be improved. I feel there are areas where it could work better and I think the customer journey could be improved.

I also want to look at tracking features, when people email or click on the contact seller options, how can this be tracked? Also, clicking on certain parts of the site, for example vendor pages – I would like to know how much traction vendors get on the site.

Email lists, is there a way to gather the emails into groups, so I can set up email lists.

The email sign up/log in – perhaps there is a better journey for this, maybe you sign up and an email is sent with the instructions on how to/links. Also look at an email confirmation when post is live, which would be emailed to them and they can share this on social pages.

Anything else that could make it better.


We Can Help You With That!

Lots of obvious stuff to talk about – with logins I can take a look behind the scenes too! I’ll run your site through the usual diagnostic tools and prepare a report that also looks at the broader situation of where you want you website to be – bringing in customers!
Let’s get started!
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