We Sell Stationery And We Need A Website

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If you need a WordPress website for selling something…


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If you need a WordPress website for selling something

We need a ecommerce website to sell our products on asap.


We Can Help You With That!

I’ll keep it short: My proposal is for £500 but it could easily be less or more; I can requote once I understand your project better.

The kinds of things we have to discuss:

– Do you need the domain name and hosting arranged?
– How much of the content – logo, product images, all the writing and so on – have you got ready to go?
– How much focus do you want to put on advanced SEO strategies? (i.e. google ranking) I always include the fundamentals of SEO in my websites but good SEO also involves ongoing engagement with social media and various google services.

Your sample website is great – it is straight-forward to get close to that or even better. Any more style ideas you have would be good too!

My proposal is enough for a good, complete professional standard. Because you’re selling stuff, the website needs to be that much more perfect in order to instill confidence in the customers. I check everything and use security plugins, I’ll configure customer emails, test the payments system, and I’ll make sure your nominated person can access everything you need to.

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Whatever your budget, we can create beautiful websites for you and your users - lovingly built on a safe, secure and stable framework.