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Need New Sections On Our Website

This job is divided into two main areas:

Area 1 – Products Section:
– We are looking to change our existing “Markets” section into a products section.

– Pages will need rearranging, insertions of : texts and images/ videos for each product (supplied). A sample look for each product per page is attached (open to alternative suggestions)
– Insertion of resources for various products like print templates and specifications (supplied). A sample look for each product per page is attached.

Area 2 – New “Exhibitions” Section:

This section will require development and need to have the look and feel of most elements of the following website:


We Can Help You With That!

The brief all looks good – it looks a full week of work, subject to further discussion and clarification.

I’ll propose £500 on that basis. There are a number of other issue I have spotted – with efficient cooperation, I’m sure we can include fixes for them within that budget.

Feel free to discuss!

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