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I Need Someone To Re-Design Our Websites

We want our website to show our customers the goal we have to encourage them towards a healthier living style. We also want them to trust our products and believe in what we are selling.
Description of requirements/features: We have existing websites; however they need a few tweaks made to them to make them friendlier and less scientific looking. We want them to look fresh, natural and organic and to match who we are and what we are selling. With two of the websites there are just slight changes we would like and to make them a little more jazzed up however, one in particular, we would like completely changing and have a fresh new look that we are proud of.


We Can Help You With That!

My basic proposal is to sort all these websites out to your satisfaction. I will make them unique and attractive, working hard for your business from the word go.

I charge £15 per hour and I can do a very good job for £150 per site. But you should really tell me what kind of budget you have before I can advise on how to prioritize the tasks.

For example – you may want to put more focus on good seo – getting a high Google rank. Your equestrianmicrobiz website only scores 45% on SEO health – and if you google “horse nutrition wiltshire”, I don’t see any of your websites.

Good SEO, these days, must always be done with good design and good writing.[su_spacer size=”50″]

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