Website, Hosting And Domain From £250

All-in-One Complete Website Design And Hosting Offer

from £250 only!

Send us all the content you want to put up, all your contact details, logos and images, etc. Choose one of the styles from our Portfolio and customise it with your choice of colours, styles and fonts.

Just A Few Of The Things We Offer

Your own domain name

We can use any domain name that is available and add it to our URL for free – e.g.

Or if you send us the details for a domain name that you have already bought, we can use that on its own.

UK-based hosting

We only use the best UK-based hosting service that we can find – cheap, stable and with great support. We’ll organise the fresh hosting account for you and pay for the first year. The account will be in your name, giving you all the freedom and control you need.

Massive selection of designs

You can choose from most of the designs that we have on the Get Inspired page. With the theme and plugins we use, pretty much any website style or design is possible. The best way for you to tell us how to design your new website is to send us some links for similar websites that you have already seen.

SEO strategies included

The fundamental SEO techniques are employed as standard, our websites are tested using several popular SEO-check tools. We appreciate having a deep understanding of your business which allows us to target advanced and creative promotion. We can also help with setting up Google Analytics accounts too.

Future-proof technologies

We use the latest themes and plugins and our focus is on making everything as simple as possible. Not only does this mean that your website will survive the updates that every website needs to have over time, it means, too, that you, or a your own designer, will be able to pick things up and understand how the website is put together.

Secure and safe!

CleverBread treats your ideas, content and data with the utmost care and respect. We also believe in the importance of any agreements, deadlines or contracts between us and our clients. We are a registered company in the UK and we fully guarantee our work. We will review and agree to any non-disclosure agreements that you need.

Why Choose CleverBread?


Lowering the costs for us all


Clear, concise communication


The best for your business


Making ambitions happen

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