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We have designed and developed a website using and have a rush project to redevelop this website in WordPress in a manner that is consistent with the existing design; yet responsive for mobiles and tablets and with the appropriate CMS. Website needs to be transferred in a manner that is professional and all images are of sharp quality.

We Can Help You With That!

It’s a very straightforward job – to get started we need to sort out a hosting account and domain name – or maybe you have that already?

With everything going smoothly, it is around 15 hours work, I’ll propose on that basis with plenty of space in your budget for amendments, improvements and lots of the back-end stuff, like SEO, that every professional website needs.

1. It is important that the website look as consistent as possible with the existing website. Is that achievable?
2. Will the website build in a manner that allows us to add pages later?
3. The hosting is covered from us, once your design is approved we will let you know where to point / upload
4. If you are given the approval today, when do you expect to send us the word press design with the CMS for review?

Your Questions Answered!

1. Sure, very achievable.

2. Yes – wordpress is the wise choice for being in control of your website and I always use themes and plugins which are easy for yourself or anyone else to work with.

3. So, to confirm: I should build that on my own host? This is no problem – and you’ll be able to see the draft being built live. I can then pack up the site ready for migration. It is more straight-forward, however, to build the draft in the same host where it is going to end up, since not all hosting environments are the same.

4. Given the resources – or I can use the ones on the old website – it is about two days work – although within 6 or 7 hours you will be able to see the draft website coming together. So that could be by the end of today with full completion by Saturday.
Let’s get started!
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