Need To Improve And Increase Effectiveness Of Our Website

We are an independent new-ish and want to up our game. We are looking for someone to improve and increase the effectiveness of our website as well as make it look more professional. Currently we have used Wix to make our own site. We would like the following: Payment integration and delivery integration.

Need To Improve And Increase Effectiveness Of Our Website

If You Need To Improve And Increase Effectiveness Of Your Website, We Can Help

So, as I’m sure others are advising, we need to move you onto a self-hosted website built with the WordPress/Woocommerce framework.

What’s great is that we have a good idea of the content and products from your Wix website – but can you link me to styles or designs you like? Links are worth a thousand words….

Moving away from Wix means we have to check a few things and open fresh hosting accounts for you. But, don’t worry, I’ll go through everything. What’s important is that your website is at a really professional standard – necessary because you’re selling and need to make sure your clients feel confident with the transaction.

Using Woocommerce is an excellent choice for payment and delivery integration, too.

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