Complete New Business Package

A service that will set up your new business online and in media. Includes a website, logo, mail box, social media accounts and all the tricks to get your message out there and coming up quick on Google searches!

This is what we have found many of our clients are after: the complete service that will establish their services online – leaving them to focus on the business itself, this set’s up a great foundation for the future.

Our new business package includes:

  • Setting up a hosting account, domain name and mail-box.
  • Building a website to Minimum Package specifications but with:
      More input from CleverBread to help reach the best design, layout and style.
      Help with creating the perfect text and a focused message.
      Help sourcing all the graphics and photos required.
  • Consultancy and advice based on the project and your ambitions for the website.
  • Two social media accounts with all the graphics, profiles and integration to the website.
  • A Google account set up for Google Search, Business, Local, Maps, Analytics, etc
  • Integration of other third-party services such as an email subscription form from Mailchimp.
  • Further advanced SEO techniques that will place your website to rank well on search pages.

Why Choose CleverBread?


Lowering the costs for us all


Clear, concise communication


The best for your business


Making ambitions happen

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