Minimum Website Package

By popular demand, CleverBread has put together a minimum website design package. For a basic, globally competitive price, you can have a beautiful, bespoke website up and running in just a few days with our all-inclusive minimum deal for a new business.

What is included in our basic website design?

  • An attractive, modern, responsive website built using WordPress.
  • Choice of layouts, styles, animations, fonts and colours.
  • Around five pages – typically; Home, About, Services, Contact and one other such as a Blog, Testimonials, FAQ, Gallery or Portfolio.
  • A simple logo design based on text that can be used elsewhere on the internet.
  • Optimizing up to 10 images to use around the website.
  • Links to your social media accounts or other websites.
  • A contact form that delivers messages to your chosen email.
  • Proofreading all text for grammar, spelling and delivery.
  • Basic SEO strategies that reveal your content to Google.

The aim is to build a good, secure and solid website with the minimum of fuss. Because it is built with WordPress, it will be easy to develop and extend later on, as your business evolves – as well as being very easy to change and update whenever you need to; for example, changing the prices of your services or adding a testimonial.

Don’t forget, WordPress is very well supported website software which means your site will always have access to the latest web design elements and functionality. You can set your website up now and it will run effortlessly for years to come.

What isn’t included in our Minimum Website Design deal.

  • The hosting or domain name registration – or their setting up. Of course, we can help set things up, using our preferred, UK-based companies. Many of our clients already have their domain name registered and a hosting service, however.

Working together to reduce costs

In order to make this deal possible, we have to work together! Basically CleverBread needs a good idea of what you want your website to look like and have on it.

  • You have to tell us about your project and an outline of the pages you need.
  • You have to link us to some websites that you like the look of or the way that they function.
  • You have to supply all the text and images for all the pages. With images, you can also link us to them, if they’re available online. CleverBread can also provide generic images and text if you haven’t got everything ready – it’s easy to change things over later. We can work by email, Skype or a service such as DropBox.

Why Choose CleverBread?


Lowering the costs for us all


Clear, concise communication


The best for your business


Making ambitions happen

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