Does CleverBread recommend hosting? Which hosting company is best?

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We only recommend Tsohost. We run on Tsohost ourselves. On this page you can learn why we recommend them. And we’ll also explain that if you click through one of the adverts on this page that display a Promotional Code, you’ll get a discount, Tsohost get some business and we get a little commission and the joy of knowing that a client has chosen the best hosting company out there.

So what’s good about Tsohost?

The most important thing you’re looking for in a hosting company is that the damn thing works, your websites don’t disappear, your payments go through properly – you know, the fundamentals. WebMediaStuff has been with Tsohost for years and has never had a second’s problem with set up, payments, outages, blank screens.

But if something did go wrong, you’d need some support, right? Someone you could phone or email and get a prompt, useful answer. Well, we’re not gonna say that we’ve had problems and got a quick response from Tsohost support – because we haven’t had any problems. But, the many times when submitting a support ticket, merely asking a question about their services, clarifying some point or requesting guidance, we have always had an answer back within the hour.

Another important criteria for the best hosting service is a nice, clean dashboard and control panel that is intuitively easy to use. Tsohost has that! They don’t use cPanel, they have their own interface which displays bigger on your screen than nearly all the control panels we have to use when the client has already bought hosting with an inferior company. That really helps.

And remember that, while it is true we’ll get some commission if you purchase a Tsohost hosting package through one of the links on this page, WebMediaStuff wouldn’t be doing that if we weren’t genuinely confident about their services, backed up with the experience of using hosting companies for many years as well as many different kinds in the course of our web design work.

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