Need A Back-To-Category Button For Woocommerce Products

I need to add a button on a WooCommerce product to enable the user to go back to the category they were looking at, after they’ve added something to basket. It would say something like: “Go back to men’s clothes” where “men’s clothes” is the category. So, it needs to pick up the category that the product is in and add the title to the button.

Need A Back-To-Category Button For Woocommerce Products

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That should be straight-forward enough but we should check the back-end of your website to see exactly the method to use. A common problem we find when working with WooCommerce is that we often find WordPress themes and plugins haven’t been updated very well. Also the php version that is running your website on your host may be out of date. What this means is, before we can add the customisation required, we need to make sure your website is running all the latest versions and is well configured with no conflicts between plugins.

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