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Need a new wordpress theme for my websiteMy accountancy site has around 40 pages. Most of these will follow the same design (i.e. content plus widgets). There are a few ad hoc pages that will need to be different – quote page, referral page, payment page, home and contact page. I need someone with good design ideas. Modern design ideas. I do NOT want a boring site. I need it to be fun but professional NOT corporate. I have access to images.

My current site is ok but there are flaws. Importantly I do not feel the designer is going to be someone I can work with long term and I feel it would be best to start fresh with someone new. I have 2/3 other sites that need work too.

Other accountants seem to be ahead of use with design ideas so it is important to get a great design but also to have some modern ideas to help.

We Can Help You With That!

£225 budget is well enough to get a beautiful new website up and running in a few days and working for your business!

Most financial services websites look dated these days and the trendy ones stand out easily and, surely, give confidence to the visitor that the business is at the top of its game.

But I’ve seen many designs that look good but are coded very badly, taking forever to load on a smartphone for example.

My websites take everything into account: Clear communication and inspiring layout backed up with code that means the website works good on every device.

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