Need A Website Design For High-Street Handbag Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer who supply handbags to UK and international high-street fashion brands. We want to set up a simple website that we can use to generate business and showcase our products to potential customers. It should be 3-4 pages which will include company info, a product gallery and contact info. This can be made using a template on a website builder such as Wix or another one you are comfortable with. We are looking for something simple and clear that would also appeal to fashion brands.

Need A Website Design For High-Street Handbag Manufacturer

If You Need A Website Design For High-Street Handbag Manufacturer, We Can Help

I would suggest a self-hosted website using the WordPress framework. It is by far the most flexible and price conscious option – and has greater opportunities for SEO and generally placing your brand online.

Any design is very possible! And design-wise we can proceed in two different ways: Working together to focus on a particular design or providing a few options for you to select the final design.

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