SEO Check And Tune Up For A WordPress Website

WordPress websites are a very good framework for your web project but they are not really very well set up for SEO out of the box.

Adding WordPress themes and plugins might help a little but, again, you have to manually configure a few things for the best set up.

That’s why we’re offering a SEO Check And Tune Up For A WordPress Website.

So whether your website is new or old, and because there are so many different facets to SEO, we think that most small business, organisation or personal websites could do with a little check over and tune up.

SEO Check And Tune Up For A WordPress Website

  • Run through your project, understand your ideas and aims, branding and strategies
  • Test the website using a series of site checkup tools
  • Identify issues, prioritise and fix them
  • Create long term SEO strategies to drive traffic to your website

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