Does CleverBread recommend a good WordPress Theme?

Click Here To Check Out GeneratePress!

We only really recommend one WordPress theme: GeneratePress. We run on GeneratePress ourselves. On this page you can learn why we recommend them. And we’ll also explain that if you click through on the linkabove, then GeneratePress get some business and we get a little commission and the joy of knowing that a client has chosen the best WordPress theme out there.

So what’s good about GeneratePress?

The most important thing you’re looking for in a WordPress theme is that the damn thing works, your websites don’t disappear, your pages open properly – you know, the fundamentals. WebMediaStuff has been using GeneratePress for a couple of years now and we love it!

There is a great support forum where your queries will be answered. There is full documentation and videos to explain stuff. But what’s more, the GeneratePress team are really working all the time, making sure new GeneratePress updates are compatible with the evolving WordPress framework of plugins and best practices.

Another important criteria for a good WordPress theme is a nice, clean dashboard and customizer that is simple to use but has the right options where you need them. GeneratePress has that!

We Can Help You Set Up The Generatepress WordPress Theme!

We’ll guide you through the process or, if you prefer, leve everything up to us!


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And remember that, while it is true we’ll get some commission if you purchase a GeneratePress package through one of the links on this page, WebMediaStuff wouldn’t be doing that if we weren’t genuinely confident about their services, backed up with the experience of using lots of themes for many years.

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