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Amination is a website service selling animated logos and graphics.

Animation website logo
Animation website logo
It focuses on vector-based animation which can be used wherever you have graphic or text on a website. Animated logos are especially good for adding some style to a web page and also an excellent way of giving movement and meaning to infographics.

More traditional methods for animation basically become a video when you put them on your website – and videos slow down the page and are often tricky to position and display. So, with this, website, and many other CleverBread creations, we use CSS3-based animation combined with graphics built using the .svg format. While it can still be a time-hungry task, it is very easy to create simple text-based animation or a few wiggles to some icons. It really depends how far you want to go!

Whatever your budget, we can create a blend of good branding with compelling narratives – a genuine boost to the performance of any website.

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Whatever your budget, we can create beautiful websites for you and your users - lovingly built on a safe, secure and stable framework.


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