Design and build of a simple motorhome website

I am creating a brochure site where the main focus and functionality is around rental search. So I need the design and build of a simple motorhome website. No need for online booking, the sites main purpose is to showcase vehicles available and to get visitors to enquire about them. No e-commerce.

When a user searches, they will do so by clicking a vector map of the UK. The map will need to be linked to a database of vehicles, which will then serve results based on location.

So if they click on North East, the map zooms in and shows there are 4 locations with vans avaialble and the PIN shows how many vans in that area. When they click on the pin, it opens up a page showing the vans in that area and they can browse them and enquire if they are interested.

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Design and build of a simple motorhome website.
Design and build of a simple motorhome website.

Sounds like a great project for the growing trend for “staycations” and building such a website with WordPress is an excellent idea, given how it is a great CMS for directory-type services like a real estate agent, jobs or trade boards or, in your case, holiday rentals.

Cleverbread sure can help you with this and we have two examples to show you. Both are displaying their listings on a map, where users can search for property or for theatre lessons.

With the Smoove website, we’re using the Directorist plugin, integrated with GeneratePress, to deliver the listings with a great, customised and bespoke style. For the Duckegg website, we’re using a plugin called FacetWP to handle the search for the theatre lessons since they are more involved kinds of custom post.

Either way, because you have provided such a good brief, with a site map and plenty of information, we can budget £500 to get a really professional motorhome rental website up and running really quickly.

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