Choosing The Website Builder Is Only Half The Problem

Choosing website builder problem can be solved.You might think that’s a done deal: A free¬†website builder with stunning templates and a drag-and-drop content management system. And it is pretty good. But now you’ve got two big questions – first is the “choosing website builder problem.”

Which website builder should I choose?

We’ve looked and there are new website builders coming online every month. There are also some that seem to disappear (God knows what happens to the websites hosted on them!) – we can count four or five that are getting all the hype at the moment and maybe a dozen more that are pretty much the same.

Of course, they all vary in the features offered, their pricing and their various pros and cons. Some are more functional, some better for e-commerce, some have better templates – some are real easy to use, others can mean a bit of a learning curve. The advice is to trial a handful of them and see which is best. But have you got the time for that?

We are here to help you! We can look at your business and website strategy and recommend the perfect website builder for you.

But wait, there’s something else…

I have a beautiful website – but what shall I put on it?

We love building websites and we know you’ll enjoy using your chosen website builder. You might even discover latent skills for aesthetics, function and form – just as long as you don’t neglect your real day job! Now that you have a stunning website – what do you put on it? You still need inspiring text, calling your customers to action; you still need to present your information in a clear, sensible way; your logos, headers and images still have to stand out and conform with the visual branding you have elsewhere about your business or organization. And then, once you’ve got all that, will you still have time to optimize everything for search engines and your future customers that might be using them? To set up social media accounts and integrate them? To plan a promotion strategy that will make the most of the stunning website that you’ve just built?

Relax! We can, of course, help with all that too. We save you the time – we get the practice and the pleasure. Everyone’s happy!

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