I Need Website Content Rewritten To Be SEO Friendly And Easier To Read

I want to have the content rewritten, to be easier to read but get the message across to customers, I also want to have the content seo ready as well with key words in the test to help my site rankings.

need content rewritten and seoOK, I checked the site out and it doesn’t look finished.

Best practice with designing a good site is to work on the layout and elements at the same time as written content and SEO. Imagine writing great slogans and text. How they would come across also depends on how they look on the page, how it all fits together, and thus the message that you’re putting over.

So it would be good to know if this design is final or subject to change. Also good to know what keywords or search terms you want to aim for. If you need help with that it would be great to know more about your business – and what online presence you already have with it.

I charge US$15 per hour for general web work – so the great thing would be to know your budget and I can advise how to prioritize the tasks remaining to get your website up and running, looking good and bringing in work.

Great work, by the way; it’s a modern industry – should have a cutting edge site!

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