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A Charity Website Design

A good charity website design is usually quite a simple one. A style that shows images or videos to the best effect and layout that is easy on the eye. Usually the branding is discreet and sober and the focus is on the important messages.


These kinds of websites should aspire to greater accessibility. This means they should be light on data, easy to load and uncomplicated for the various browsers and devices that the public use. They can also benefit from an accessibility tool, like when there is switch to increase font size or to change the contrast.


Check below for a live link to the website. Or browse straight there.

custom charity website design London


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”4e9b905e32dcbba92239e2095293547a0fceebae” src=”http://fairtrade-everything.pash.space/” width=”100%” height=”600″]


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