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Recognise yourself as a typical CleverBread client?

Short on cash?Short on ideas?Short on time?


of our clients have very limited budgets!

Limited Budgets For Web Design

  • Money is tight so spend it wisely.
  • Again and again, we’re called in to fix up websites for a fraction of their original cost
    – and this frees up some budget to focus on the things you really need!


of our clients could do with a creative helping hand!

Small Operator Just Starting Out

  • You have the business plan, but you need a website.
  • We love working with people who are just starting out online
  • It gives us a chance to make sure your strategies are perfect for you and what you want to achieve. And we prefer it like that!
    Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than working with real-life individuals as opposed to faceless corporations.


of our clients are busy people who need results fast!

Don’t Have The Time And Need Some Help!

  • Too busy to work it all out…
  • Web design is not rocket science – but it still might take a beginner a whole week to figure out something that can be achieved in a few hours.
    Time is money and we’ll save you both!

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Plain-Speaking Communication

Explaining everything to you means we aim to understand where you are in the online world. Communication is a two-way street.

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If you’re not happy, we are not happy.

Efficiency & Accuracy

We bring you the best value for money without down-grading the work.More…

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